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Spiritual Medics Needed This Week!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

This is the week of giving special thanks. As I live into this week, these insightful words resonate with me and so I share with you words of Stephen Charleston:

“As we come closer to Thanksgiving, the holiday that floats before us like a mirage, I think we need to be prepared for things to get strange. The usual stress of pandemic and politics will be with us for sure, but I think an inner exhaustion of a collective grief will kick in about then. Many people may experience a deep sense of loss. And not just because this particular holiday will seem diminished; we can expect that and understand why because of Covid. No, the grief I am describing runs deeper than a momentary disappointment. I feel a great many of us are going to be grieving three things that will be missing on this national holiday: our lack of unity, the loss of rationality, the demise of cooperation. Those old expectations may seem lost to us as a nation this year. So we need to be ready to put our faith to work because as spiritual medics we are going to need to reassure and comfort our national family over the next few days.”

Yes, layers of grief with sadness…with seemingly nowhere to go. We may be tempted to express our sadness outward as anger or inward as depression. You don’t have to go there. Lean into the mystery where things are not rational or irrational. Let the sadness be and let the grief point you toward the love and peace that are yours. Lean into the faith you already have…already have…you do have faith…faith enough…gee, you’re reading this!

I am reassuring you and I am comforting you right now. You are filled with grace and gratitude even as it shares space within you with your grief and sadness. Cry…and laugh. Grieve…and be grateful. Lean on our shared faith when there are times you just can’t seem to find your own faith within…we’ve got cha’!

Let your FAITH bring you to your Thanksgiving Table.

And, let your faith, through the living of your life, offer to the nation:

calm in the unity we do have, reason offered

without judgment, and, in merely staying alongside,

a new understanding of cooperation.

In deepest gratitude, I treasure you in my thanks-giving-heart. Holiness is offering you some peace…take it! Happy Thanks Giving! Karen


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