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SORRY YOU MISSED THIS...but, by popular demand, this offering will return again next year!

The Power of Ancient, New, and Everyday Icons

Wednesday February 21st 7-8pm Central on Zoom


Register Now!

Offering of $15 appreciated.

Limited to 12 participants so all may participate fully.


It is all about “beholding.”  .

..a long loving gaze at the really real.


Icons were used as aids in devotion in Byzantine and early Eastern Churches. They typically were of Jesus or other Holy figures who were highly venerated…because their influence

or centrality in the tradition was highly revered. 


Prayerfulness soaking in and through faces, spaces, and places

to enhance connection with the Divine.


We will explore this same guidance of praying through an “icon” to connect to the Divine, deeply revering the “subject” of the “picture” whether person, place, or thing.

It’s sort of a visual lectio, isn’t it?


For your reflection, please bring a picture or drawing or object with you as we gather.


Looking forward to our shared time,



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