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March 1st 7-8pm-ish Central Time on Zoom

Holy Hush Song Circle:













Register Now! 

March Theme:

“The Antidote For March Madness:

Practicing Our Calm

No singing required!  Deep listening offered!

Open Heart Offering of $15 appreciated;

Or, $30 for the series,

first Fridays March through May


May all that has been reduced to noise in you,

become music again….calming music.  

For it’s a mad world out there…or so it seems.

March Madness…beyond basketball,

sometimes it’s hard to handle it all!


But there is an antidote to the madness.

An antidote for depression, “stuckness,” anxiety.

The antidote to the madness of the world is practicing our calm.













We gather as Sacred Community. 


We will be guided through sung prayer sharing

simple repetitive melodies laced

with times of Holy Hush. 

Listen or sing along.


Please bring your whole self and a candle for our opening and closing.

Confidentiality will be honored.


To register, please email me, below.

I will share how to send your offering as a check or you can use zelle. 

The Zoom link will be mailed in advance

of offering.

If you’ve purchased the series, just lean back and  relax…your Zoom link will come! 


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calmness super power.jpg

Dream Work: Healing Through Their Sacred Wisdom

A Four Week Offering

Experience a 2-week Dream Workshop helping us

know how to work with our dreams followed by a 2-week Dream Sharing Group.


Wednesdays 7-8:30pm Central

March 20, 27 – Dream Workshop

April  10, 17– Dream Sharing Group


Sharing and caring as we come to know ourselves better

through the ancient wisdom of our dreams. 

One of the earliest spiritual practices.


The “Dream Workshop” will focus on general understandings, provide an intro to archetypes,

as well as remembering and reflecting techniques. 

We will also take a quick look at their role in the faith systems of the ancient world.


The “Dream Group” offers the chance to reflect further upon one of your dreams with the support of other dreamers using a method developed by Jeremy Taylor.

Self-Sliding “Open Heart” Offering of $75-$125

for the series is appreciated.

Class limited to 4 participants…so sign up early!

To register, please email me.  I will share how to send your offering as a check or use zelle. 


Registration is complete upon receipt of your offering. 

Your fee is your intention to attend even if your plans may need to change.  No refunds are available except in emergencies. 


The Zoom link will be mailed in advance of class start.


Please bring your whole self, a candle,

and paper and pencil for your personal reflection.

Confidentiality will be honored.



Centering Prayer

Sundays 7-8pm Central on Zoom!

Weekly through May

              Rest in the Divine…beyond words!

Part of a rich contemplative tradition within Christianity (a cousin to the Buddhist Zazen), “Centering Prayer is a receptive method of silent prayer that prepares us to experience God’s presence within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than consciousness itself.”  (Father Keating)


Each session will include a special time of check in to help us gently arrive and a check out honoring the fruits of the spirit.  Our first session will include an orientation of the spiritual practice as well as a “sit.”


“Silence is the language God speaks; everything else is a mistranslation” (Father Thomas Keating)


 All are welcome!


To register, please respond to this email or message me

at Karen Hagen Healing Arts on Facebook.  

The Zoom link will be mailed in advance of class start.

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