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Karen and Invitation to Wholeness

I believe…


~The way in is the way out.

~We are one: body, mind, spirit interconnected.

~We are made whole; invited to use all of who we are to bring us back     into our natural balance and alignment.

~The Holy moves through invitation and freedom making.

~Grace abounds as we lean into Divine Mystery reclaiming our                  essential goodness…living with renewed energy and insight.


With 30 years of professional development, including degrees and certifications in teaching, counseling, pastoring, and healing arts, I am humbled by the opportunity to come alongside individuals and groups companioning them on their journeys to abundant life. I bring experienced client care to each person with whom I am honored to work.


So think about this…


When was the last time you felt truly heard?

Is stress burning away your life energy?

Want to lift questions to the Holy and to yourself…within a safe space?

How might your journey be supported

by combining reflection with energy and body work?

What is the support you most need now?


Let me help you develop a personalized approach.  In-person and on Zoom.

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Individual Fee:  Sliding Scale of $50 - $95 a session.

Group Fees:  Sliding Scale of $100 - $175 per hour of presentation

or as pre-arranged.


To Schedule, please contact me at

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