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Spiritual Retreats, Workshops, and Classes

Based upon your group’s or Faith Community’s expressed needs and desires, I would be pleased to design a retreat, workshop, or class to meet your specific interest and need. These can be offered as a one-time gathering or a time sensitive/limited series.


Please browse below a sampling of classes and retreats offered through the Wisconsin Council of Churches, Beloit College, Faith Alive of the United Methodist Conference of WI, School Sisters of St. Francis, Presbytery of Milwaukee, Tippecanoe Faithing Community, and other hosts. The possibilities are many!


  • Sanctuary Time Of Belonging: A Reflective Process To Build Self-Understanding Using the Bible’s Wisdom Teachings

  • Body-Mind-Spirit Practices For Peace:  The Way In Is The Way Out

  • Meditative Song Circle

  • Chakra Tai Chi

  • Exploring the Art of Spiritual Direction and Reiki Energy Work

  • Praying the Labyrinth

  • Lectio Divina: A Divinely Inspired Reading of Scripture from Benedictine Practice of the Middle Ages

  • Healing Services

  • Centering Prayer

  • The Aramaic Teachings of Jesus:  The Lord’s Prayer

  • Seven Principles of Being God’s Confident People

  • The Ten Most Dysfunctional Ways To Communicate

  • Discerning God’s Deepest Desire

  • Jesus and Reiki

  • The Spirituality and Skills of Healthy Communicating

  • Reflecting On Carolyn Myss “Anatomy of The Spirit”

  • A Dream Workshop:  How Our Dreams Name Us

  • The Prayer of St. Ignatius and Ignition Approach to Bible Reflection

  • Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation

  • Sleeping With Bread:  An Daily Examen

And for pastors:​

Offering Sanctuary groups to gather and share openly and safely.

Offering reflective Bible studies as background for leading worship.

    Available on Zoom and In-Person

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