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Healing Arts for Individuals

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Spiritual Direction
First developed in the early days of Desert Fathers and Mothers as a mutual sharing through letter writing, Spiritual Direction is when one especially trained to listen for the movements of the Holy (the Director) companions another (the Directee) who seeks awareness and possibility.  The Spirit guides the process.  Found in all the major religious traditions, it is a deep, holy listening which reflects back to the Directee their unique way to peace and wholeness. 


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visit Spiritual Director's International:


Reiki, Chakra Work, and Essential Oils
Reiki is an ancient healing art coming through Eastern understandings.  It is non-religious specific and akin to the understandings of Healing Touch.  Reiki is for all people, the churched and the un-churched, people with no and of all spiritual backgrounds….Christians too!


Please visit: Reiki is as a deep relaxation prayer that relieves stress and allows the energy to flow in ways that may bring new insights and wholeness. 


Chakra work is integral to Eastern understandings of healing and wholeness.  And, as taught by Carolyn Myss, aligns with ancient Christian “sacraments.” Embraced is the understanding there are deep archetypes, or energy centers, present within our physical bodies. When our energy flows freely, and we enter a most relaxed state, we are enabled to move toward our natural center of wellness - body, spirit, mind. Likewise, Essential Oils penetrate beyond the mind to body and memory in life giving, healing ways. Used in conjunction with each other, or combined with other modalities, heightens the effect of each.


Reflexology is a form of massage based upon the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to all of the glands, organs, and systems of the body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to apply “acupressure” on these reflex areas.  It provides stress and tension reduction to improve blood supply and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses and energy to help our bodies achieve its natural homeostasis. 


Body-Mind-Spirit Practices

These body based practices empower inner wisdom to promote healing.  Gathered from around the world by Capacitar International (, these practices can be self-used as well as empower communities to self-care. Included are such offerings as the Hand Prayer, EFT, Energy Holds, Figure 8 Prayer.


Sung Meditation

Sung Meditation offers healing and release through the sharing of simple, reflective songs to those who are ill, grieving, in emotional distress, seeking peace and calming, or approaching their threshold time entering eternal life. It is not performance singing but rather a deep spiritual singing intermixed with quiet, rest…holy hush. As we wrestle with emotions and situations, we are released into the mystery of Divine Presence.


Sacred Wholeness 

A graced combining of the Healing Arts just for you, this is a natural process of intertwining the Healing Arts as called forth within a given session. It is unique to each individual’s journey as perceived by the Practitioner. Many clients choose this approach as determined by the sharing of their story in “the moment” verses choosing one modality over the other.

Working on Zoom and In-Person

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