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Even In Winter, The Lake Is Laughter

The lake is laughter.

Here and now after...

Ah ha, what a crisp sense of humor.

An intense, precocious sense of play.

If I let myself join in her brouhaha…

If I let myself,


I’d stay here in rapture,

Her surround sound to capture.

And as within a daze,

I let lake come close to lap upon me.

One wave at a time we giggle at life…

sensibilities realign, waves truly amaze.

You see when I’m with her,

When there’s the sound of her laughter,

There’s no holding it in,

No holding me back.

It’s exactly what I’m after.

There’s just the power of the wave….

A power now given to me.

A power that stays, which saves.

The power of the lake…and I hereafter…

Shift reality

From my…from anyone’s, simple sadness

Moving with certainty to our luscious gladness.

The lake is laughter.


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