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Sharing the Caring: A Care Note from November 4, 2020

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

For 13 hours yesterday, Tippe Faithing Community held a prayerful presence of peace and calming in the world…for all people. Indeed, people from across the state and country joined with us. Some were with us in spirit although not able to zoom in.

I personally, sat prayerfully with those present at any given time…for the whole 13 hours and it went so quickly. Quickly...for I found the Heart of Christ within me (It found me!) taking in all the anxiety and fear and suffering of those present but also all God’s children across this county and world. I cried your tears. And this would be overwhelming and death dealing except it did not stop there.

For the Heart of Christ within takes in the suffering and brings it into divine compassion and energized empathy recycling that energy in life giving ways back out into the universe where it is used for good…your good and our good. Friends, I am forever changed. As always in at-one-ment, what touches one, touches all. Beyond words. Indeed, as we patiently await the counting of ballots, we trust our hearts’ energy to show us the way through...

And, we all really need some rest!

...some fallow time for God’s nature to sink us deep into our roots preparing us for new life. While all seem quiet above, our roots are riotous below, preparing us for what is to come. God is not done with us! "The Fallow Way" is our worship theme these next few weeks. And you deserve it!

To join with us, just email me and I would be glad to send you the Zoom link!


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