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To What Does "the Mary" Within You Kneel? To Your Blessings?

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

There is this “Mary” in each of us, whether we are male or female. It is to the Mary within… whom the angel of the Lord comes once again this year.

Mary…that part of each of us that is caught off guard by possibility, yet capable of giving birth to the unexpected…

beyond what we could have conceived of on our own.

We hear the call to Mary…now as our own…honoring holy life birthing within...if we, like she, will say “Yes” to God! Ponder the Angel's call to Mary as translated from the Aramaic directly into English by Neil Douglas Klotz.

Read it once and then as you read a second time, wonder as you read:

*Where are you in your life and what are you doing as the Angel comes to the "Mary" within you?

*Do you let yourself hear the Divine melody...will you follow the sacred song already within you?

*Are you kneeling to the blessings wherever and whenever you feel them?

*What is the purpose growing within you at this time? Feel it growing.

“And a messenger of Alaha came to her and said “Peace to you…the peace of new beginnings, the fullness of force before creation. TO you…who are fully ready and ripe, in tune with Alaha’s melody. TO you…who are prepared to follow this sacred song to its last note …here’s the power of the sacred Unity!

The One who shines and brightens the cosmos, is already with and within you. To you, who are ready to kneel to blessing wherever, whenever you feel it: The fruit of your purpose in life is growing within you right now.”

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